Saturday, 9 January 2016

Chuffed (1)

Following on from my last article, Thursday 7th January 2016 also saw Sentinel 7109's boiler with 60 psi of air in it from a (somewhat fatigued!) compressor.
Boiler Pressure Gauge on cab front
The gauge gradually climbs off zero after a while.
60 psi (ish)!
Then... the regulator can be opened for the engines to turn, the cab's boiler feed pump operated, the blower blowing (it's hard to turn it off!), the whistle sounded, the steam brake operated and (blow me) 21" of vacuum on the train brake vacuum gauge.

Have a listen to this (visually not very interesting) video clip:

Does that sound good?

Streuth! I think it's going to work!


  1. congratulations. looks impressive.

  2. Wow, incredibly exciting! You are literally breathing new life into her (Joyce). Dr Frankenstein?


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