7109 Restoration

As far as possible, Sentinel 7109 is being restored to its original condition at Midsomer Norton Station. Certain missing items such as safety valves are being replaced with modern equivalents for safety, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Sentinel 7109 in the Midsomer Norton Goods' Shed (April 2011)
Contrary to popular opinion, 7109 will not be transmogrified into a Radstock Sentinel. Whilst in 2004 it seemed like a good idea, research has shown that 7109 is a well documented locomotive in its own right as part of the Sentinel Waggon Works history. Thus it would be an act of vandalism to a unique piece of industrial archaeology if it was made into something else. However, the differences are not great and make for a good discussion - see 7109 vs Radstock Sentinels.

Having said all that, Sentinel 7109 is likely to appear in a number of guises including "Joyce" (the true original); 47109 (a BR style number incorporating the Sentinel works' number) and 47189 (the one before Radstock's 47190).

47192 has been considered as the one after Radstock's 47191; however, a 7192 actually existed as a 300 HP Sentinel-Doble shunter so 47192 would be disrespectful bearing in mind the '4' that preceded Radstock's 7190 and 7191.

47109, 47189, 47190, 47191 and 47192 were all Class 47 diesel locos and are now scrapped.

Target time-scale for putting 7109 into operation is "about a year" and it will remain as such for a while yet!
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