Saturday, 13 June 2015

Full Vacuum Ahead!

Strictly this should be Vacuum Braking (14) Implementation (8), however, I needed a more vague heading!

Two new items have appeared on top of Sentinel 7109's cab roof: to the left is Nigel's coffin and to the right is a rather fetching and elegant periscope (respectfully looking away from the coffin!).
A Rail-hearse in the making?
The periscope, in a truncated form, will double as the vacuum ejector's exhaust outlet.
Up Periscope!
And finally, the boiler now has a leg to stand on. In fact, it's the beginnings of the blow-down valve pipework. I'd been checking out the four boiler washout plug holes around the base; one is used for blowing down the accumulating sedimentary detritus.
Caption competition?
The 'leg' showing will be red-band steel pipe to withstand the boiler pressure.

Meanwhile, in Steam Railway magazine (issue 441), there is an article about Sentinel 7109 in its 'In the Works' series. Any content in common with my blog articles is entirely coincidental, of course!
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