Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sentinel 7109's regulator and operating valve assembly

When Sentinel 7109 arrived at Midsomer Norton Station in December 2004, it was in a pretty rough and partly disassembled condition. The regulator assembly was covered in rust from a few decades of atmospheric exposure.
Regulator Assembly on arrival(1)
Regulator Assembly on arrival(2)
The regulator valve internals were unserviceable.
Original inside surface of regulator valve...
...with valve segment in place
The stop valve was unlikely to stop anything!

Stop valve pitted with rust...
...deeply pitted that is!
But in the right hands, things come back to life.
The refurbished regulator valve...
...and a stop valve which will stop something...
...and all the rest of the bits and pieces!
The whole regulator and operating valve assembly has been completely refurbished superbly by John Goold of J R Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd in Camerton.
Refurbished valves

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