7109 vs Radstock Sentinels

Sentinel 7109 "Joyce" (Photo SDC Collection)
Radstock Sentinel 47190 (Photo SDRT Collection)
The Radstock Sentinels differed from 7109 in a number of ways:
  1. They had a lower cab roof.
  2. They had square cab windows.
  3. They had a flat sloping plate for the lower cab rear panel; 7109’s is curved.
  4. They had more elaborate lamp brackets.
  5. The chain/axle adjustment radius rods linked to the rear on the Radstocks but to the front on 7109.
  6. The leading engine mount is visible at the front on 7109 but not on the Radstocks.
  7. 7109 had a name (Joyce) but the Radstocks had numbers (47190, 47191).
  8. The Radstocks had oval buffers, 7109 has round ones.
  9. 7109 had neat beading around the edges of the engine covers; the Radstocks had plain sheeting.
  10. The Radstocks had a more robust "Cow-catcher" device!
  11. The step into the cab was made deeper for the Radstocks (presumably to reduce the opportunity for banging one's head on entry!).
  12. 7109 had a linseed oil water treatment device in front of the cab centre which was never used on the Radstocks.
  13. For reduced cab height, the Radstocks bent their whistle forwards on the cab top whereas 7109 had a vertical whistle on the cab front.
  14. 7109 has a cab-mounted boiler feed pump, the Radstocks had an injector.
The Radstock Sentinels comprised:
Works no. 7587 aka. 101, 7190 and 47190. 
Works no. 7588 aka. 102, 7191 and 47191. 
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