Remaining Double-engined Sentinel locos

Other than 7109, there is only one other double engined Sentinel loco (works no. 9622) in the UK but it is very different in appearance.
9622 in 2006 (Photo Aidan Stell)
9622 Date ? (Photo unknown source)
It was built in 1958 and was the last Sentinel steam locomotive to be made. In 2011, it was at the Teifi Valley railway in South Wales but not in an operable condition.

There are two others similar to 7109 in existence in Brazil (works no's. 8398, 8399); they are still in use at the Amsted-Maxion Steel Works in Cruzeiro. No other double-engined Sentinels are known to remain.

January 2013: Some more video of the Cruzeiro Sentinel loco has become available with further background information kindly provided by James Waite via the Sentinel Drivers' Club.

The following video courtesy of Andreas Illert and  International Steam was taken in 2009 (also on YouTube):

International Steam have a web-page describing the locos.


  1. Does anyone have any information on the fry's sentinel i believe to be being restored at Avon Valley railway

  2. Avon Valley Railway are restoring the Fry's Sentinel Loco. I know a little about its construction and will do a posting on it. Internet searches for 'Frys Sentinel' should give you the rest.

  3. In 1980 I worked for a company called Ben Turner & Son Tractors based in Sendmarsh nr Ripley Surrey. I believe your Sentinel was stored in our yard for a number of years, certainly till 1986. The works director was very friendly with Sir William McAlpine of Fawley railway fame. Could this be your loco?

  4. Thanks for your comment. I know Sir William owned Joyce for a while around 1990 when she was at Carnforth. However, 1986 is blank for Joyce's history at present. If you can tell me more, I'd be very pleased to hear from you. Any photos? Kind regards Andy

    1. Yes Andy, I will dig it out, it shows your loco standing in the yard surrounded by MF diggers. If you contact Cliff Noble of Sendmarsh Tractors or Colin Strong they will tell you more, it was because of their friendship your loco was stored in the yard.


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