Thursday, 22 September 2011

Joyce has a new hat!

After trying for ages to find a way to put the new cab roof in place, I concluded that an interim measure was needed to make progress on the cab-interior paintwork prior to the boiler being repatriated with the loco. Hence a new blue hat to protect from the elements!
New blue cab cover
In a previous article, I showed the cab being painted with red oxide paint ready for a gloss top-coat. However, the red oxide was done on 10th August 2011 and then rain and other difficulties got in the way. In the end, it was about five weeks between coats so much work was required to clean up the red oxide before it could be painted over.
And from the rear
The lack of available undercover facilities at Midsomer Norton station is becoming a real problem and not just for this project. Sentinel 7109 really needs to be protected from the elements for many months to complete the restoration - so a major stumbling block is on the horizon - particularly as winter approaches.


  1. would those temporary tents (one sees them at outdoor craft fairs) be enough to protect & work in during the winter? btw, who named her joyce & why?

  2. Provided the winter is warm, dry and the air is still, I'm sure it would be fine to work under. But winter just isn't like that!
    Joyce was the name of the daughter of the general manager of Croydon gas works where 7109 spent her working life 1928-1960. Quite why he named 7109 after his daughter is anybody's guess!

  3. could a more robust temporary scaffolding erection be used, those blue tarpoline sheets are quite cheap, several layers could be used. Also they are light giving as you can see under the cab one. Used scaffold planks can be used to support the tarp. As we were discussing today, 'how to do' takes up alot of time :)
    cheers.. Ken G4XCB (SBARC) A radio visitor

  4. The blue 'hat' is only a temporary measure until we can get the proper metal cab roof on. Space in the goods shed plus time and energy have been in short supply so far. It's heavy and awkward which are the main causes of the difficulty. We want the boiler in soon and it is easier to remove the tarpaulin than the metal roof to achieve it. There is some method in the madness (honest!).


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