Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sentinel 8590 'Elizabeth'

On Monday 3rd September 2012, I did something I'd wanted to do for a long time: to have a ride on the Sentinel Steam Bus at Whitby, Yorkshire, on the east coast of England.
Elizabeth (1)
Possibly the only Sentinel Steam waggon still earning a regular income for its owners, 'Elizabeth', Sentinel Works Number 8590, departs for a trip around Whitby about every 20 minutes or so from near the eastern end of the northern quayside. (She is easy to find).
Elizabeth (2)
Built in 1931, Elizabeth is a Sentinel DG6P (Double Geared, 6-wheeled vehicle with Pneumatic tyres). But I mustn't steel the thunder here - have a look at Elizabeth's own website for more detail; it's a fascinating story.
Elizabeth (3)
There is also a facebook page on Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (4)
From the terminus, Elizabeth starts a steep climb from the quayside up to Whitby's higher levels. Not my best video but you get the idea. (Also on YouTube).

If you ever get the chance to visit Whitby, firstly beware of any vampires and secondly, make sure you seek out a ride on Elizabeth; you won't regret it.

Many thanks to Vernon, Viv and Andy for a brilliant Steam Bus experience!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bressingham Days

When Sentinel 7109 left Croydon Gas Works in 1968, it spent some time at Bressingham Steam & Gardens at Diss, Norfolk. Whilst there, it was still in its original working livery of bright green.
Original Livery at Croydon Gas Works
I visited Bressingham in Summer 2009 to see if anyone remembered 7109 and if they still had some of the missing parts. One or two people did remember it saying that it had not spent long there as some visitors had remarked unflatteringly that it 'looked like a diesel'! Seemingly it never steamed at Bressingham and hence it's understandable why it might be thought of as resembling a diesel. Believe me, underneath its skin, it's not a diesel! Also, despite being made very welcome, the missing parts were also missing there.

Whilst many pictures exist of Sentinel 7109, most of them are in monochrome and very few in colour. However, on Sunday 16th September 2012, I spent an afternoon at the Bedfordshire Steam & Country fayre somewhere not far from Biggleswade.

It was the annual big outing for the Sentinel Drivers' Club to show off their road waggons together and there was an impressive turnout.
Sentinel Waggons at Bedford (1). (Click picture to enlarge).
Sentinel Waggons at Bedford (2)
Amongst the Sentinel exhibitors, I met Neil Matlock, the Sentinel Drivers' Club's diesel waggons officer. In conversation, he mentioned that he had a small number of colour photos of 7109 in 1973 and the he could email them to me. This he did kindly and, with his permission, they are here below.
7109 at Bressingham (1)
7109 at Bressingham (2)
7109 at Bressingham (3)
7109 at Bressingham (4)
From the above, it would seem that 7109 had not steamed for some time. Bearing in mind that its new boiler was installed in 1951 and that it was taken out of service around 1960 and then not moved to Bressingham until 1968, five years later in 1973, it does not look like it had had a recent overhaul.

So, should it have red highlights to its lower features? Hmm.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Many Thanks...

... to the Gentleman in Reading for his recent kind donation to the Sentinel 7109 restoration fund.
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