Monday, 5 September 2011

How do I support the restoration?

The easiest way to support the restoration of Sentinel 7109 is by using Paypal to donate. For this you will need a Paypal account which can be arranged through the Paypal website. All you need to do then is click the Donate button below and the rest is easy.
Another simple way to support the restoration of Sentinel 7109 is to donate to the project by writing a cheque made out to "Sentinel 7109" and either handing it to the Midsomer Norton station shop assistant or sending it by post to:

Sentinel 7109 Restoration project
c/o Midsomer Norton Station
Silver Street
Midsomer Norton

Don't forget to include a phone number, email or contact address so we can thank you.

Offers of engineering skills are of course welcome (please)! Just post a comment below and say how you would like to help.

And finally...
...there's always these (or the modern equivalent)!

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