Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to fit an Ashpan (8)

I last wrote about Sentinel 7109's ashpan in December 2012. In that article, I showed the fixing brackets being processed. Since then, the whole ashpan has been languishing in my garage acting partly as a storage shelf and partly just getting in the way!

February 7th 2016, three years later, it is now actually fitted to the loco (bar a few missing nuts).
In place beneath the boiler
This photo shows how it was originally - not so different!
The original (other side view) 
There is a flap for raking out the ash.
Open for emptying
It can be closed when 7109 is in use.
Closed for use
Whether the flap is also for use as a fire-controlling damper, I don't know. I need to do some more reading on the subject.

I made a small change before the fitting in that I replaced the flap hinges with stainless steel ones. The previous mild steel ones struck me as incapable of withstanding the nasty environment.

In another Ashpan article, I showed the ashpan being jacked into place. At the time, 7109 was outside with track and sleeper ballast underneath. It was not an easy working environment.

In Midsomer Norton's shed, the floor is flat and can be traversed under 7109 using a creeper trolley. This enabled me to lie on my back with the ashpan sitting on my chest. I could then lift it into place and hold it there using a spare leg whilst doing up the nuts. Fortunately I was unable to take any photos of the process. Sometimes a selfie is just out of place for a situation!

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