Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Certified Gauges

Perhaps not a particularly gripping subject but important all the same. Sentinel 7109 has two steam pressure gauges and a vacuum brake system vacuum gauge; all of these are 'previously owned' and far from new.

All three gauges were initially taken to Brunel Metrology Services Ltd in Paulton, near to Midsomer Norton. The vacuum gauge passed first time but the two pressure gauges failed - not what was wanted but not surprising for vintage items.

Brunel Metrology make use of the S M Gauge Company in Fishponds, Bristol, for more demanding calibration tasks. To save time, I took the two gauges to SMG myself.

In a few working days, a phone call came to say the gauges were now calibrated to within 1% so I collected them the same day.
Within 1%!
Calibration certificates have now been issued for all the gauges and one is shown here as an example.

It was a pleasure to work with both Brunel and S M Gauges and I would recommend either for gauge calibration services. Many thanks to them both for their helpfulness and rapid turnaround.

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