Saturday, 11 April 2015

Vacuum Braking (9) Implementation (3)

In Vacuum Braking (8), I mentioned the Stauff clamps I was using for attaching the pipework beneath the footplate. What I didn't mention was the difficulty I was having drilling and tapping the mounting holes.

Drilling upwards through 1" steel plate with a hand-held electric drill is not easy whilst lying on your back. I have to admit that previously this had proved painful and was taking about half an hour per hole.

Bearing in mind, I might have to drill 30 or so holes this way, I felt it was time to think of a better way. For years, there have been stands to convert an electric drill into a pillar drill of sorts but they were designed for drilling downwards (easy!). However, if you play about a bit, it can be adapted for 'skyward' drilling.
Sky Drill
By throwing away the instructions, it's possible to assemble the components so that pulling down on the handle (to the right in the photo) pushes the drill upwards. The base needed to mounted on a board to take the pull on the handle without it all falling over.

And the result is below:
Another clamp attached
This particular clamp was above the brake linkage behind the rear axle. It is absolutely impossible to lie down under this part of the footplate and drill upwards in any other way (nor is it possible to find where to drill downwards from above the footplate either!).

Frankly, I'm really quite pleased with myself for this idea!

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