Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Water Supply (1)

One item that was missing when Sentinel 7109 arrived at Midsomer Norton Station in 2004 was a section of water feed pipework running around the front of the leading engine supplying water to its boiler feed pump.

I decided that the simplest way for me to make this was using mild steel pipe with malleable iron fittings and here it is.
Water feed pipe to front engine's Feed Pump
I concluded that the best method of joining the new pipe to the old and to the pump itself was by using parts from a union fitting. Nominal 1 inch inside diameter unions made by Crane use a 1.5 inch BSP thread for the union join - the same as at either end. Thus I was able to achieve joints without any air pocket. Other methods such as off-the-shelf reducer fittings have a bulge where you don't want it!
Water feed pipe across from left to right
For water systems under pressure, an air pocket is not an issue but where water has to be sucked by the pump from the tank, the air pocket will prevent the suction taking place.
Water feed pipe past the rear engine from
the water tank filter valves
Note: Crane and (I think) Georg Fischer unions use 1.5" BSP joint threads for 1" pipe; others I bought via the internet do not. Beware!

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