Saturday, 18 February 2012

'Ello, 'Ello, LO!

Apologies for pinching this from the SDC Website!
On Saturday 11th Feb 2012, at the AGM of the Sentinel Drivers' Club in Liverpool, Tony Thomas (records officer) proposed and various members of the Goold family seconded me to take over the committee post of Locomotive Officer for both steam and diesel technologies. This I have gladly accepted and hope I can do the post justice.

The post has been held for many years by Martin Hawkins, uncle to Sentinel 7109's boiler inspector Peter Hawkins, a boiler maker in his own right and driver on the West Somerset Railway. So I have quite an act to follow.

To some extent, the task is a blank sheet for me to make of it what I can; the main object being to be the point of contact for anyone with queries about Sentinel locos. Where I don't know an answer, hopefully I can find someone who does!

Tony Thomas has kept records of locomotives still in existence for many years. I hope to make use of his existing information and to keep it up to date using a website, 'blog or such like.

Wish me luck!

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