Monday, 19 September 2011

Sentinel 8571 restored by the Salvage Squad

Sentinel 8571 at the SDC 'Noggin & Natter' 25th April 2009
Some time ago, I heard about a program in the Salvage Squad series which featured Mendip Steam Restorations Ltd repairing a Sentinel Waggon boiler for Waggon 8571. This is the same company that has also done the repairs to Sentinel 7109's boiler. Tony Thomas, the records' officer of the Sentinel Drivers' Club, also appears.

To my great satisfaction, I recently found the program by accident on YouTube!

It's split into four parts which can be run from the links below. It's a fascinating program and includes many challenges in common with Sentinel 7109's restoration.

Same day, same venue
Same day, same venue (same caption!)

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