Sunday, 18 September 2011

Another Special Welcome...

... to all you garden-geeks arriving from VegPlotting!

(NSW, Non-Steam Wife) is still clearly generating a lot of traffic to Sentinel 7109. So here's another little gem of a posting especially for you!

Midsomer Norton won many competitions for best kept station and particularly for its horticultural efforts. As well as the greenhouse, there was the 'Sun, Moon and Stars' astronomical garden creation between the station building and the roadway.

In this 1922 photo, the garden is clearly in good order.
Midsomer Norton Station 1922
(Courtesy Richard Dagger Collection)
However, at the start of 2002, the garden was in a very sorry state with the area only mapped-out and not seemingly too fertile!
1st Jan 2002
1st Jan 2002 again
Note the appropriate sign beyond the buffer stop!
By the middle of 2005, the garden had been put back in place creating a reasonably authentic reproduction of the original. (Note - when the Silver Street bridge was removed, the area for the Sun, Moon and Stars was also cut-off in its prime; hence the new garden is actually slightly smaller than it used to be - but that's progress!).
7th July 2005 has the garden in place
and a steamy thing inhabiting the background!
Jumping to 2011, the Sun, Moon and Stars are resplendent in bright colours and a credit to the volunteers who look after it.
30th August 2011 
30th August 2011 again
Keep up the good work!


  1. Ooh - I can put you in my Out on the Streets roundup :)

  2. I'm not sure I want to be put out on the street, dear.

  3. I like the old photo very much; the way that the staff line up and pose for the camera. Would never happen today. It reminds me of a photo I have of our village in Wales (I live there some of the time) in which it seems half the village have turned out just because someone had a camera

  4. It took me some time to find a suitable old photo for comparison with the present and this was the best I could find. A good one, I agree. Maybe, I should try to recreate the posing people?


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