Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sentinel 7109 Re-Joyced!

9th July 2016 was a day for celebration as Sentinel 7109 was officially renamed 'Joyce' by visiting Antiques Roadshow expert and railway author Paul Atterbury.

The day began with plenty of boiler pressure but nameplate obscured.
Sentinel 7109 (unnamed) raring to go (Photo Callum Willcox)
Paul Atterbury meeting with Andy Chapman & Nigel Dickinson (Photo Michelle Chapman)
7109 re-Joyced by Paul Atterbury with Nigel Dickinson and Andy Chapman (Photo Bob Edwardes)
Zomerset Zoider put to good use (Photo Michelle Chapman)
I've been asked a number of times - Why 'Joyce'?

A very long time ago, works number 7109 was originally named 'Joyce' after the daughter of Mr Sandeman, the chairman of Croydon Gas Works. In Sentinel circles, many refer to 7109 as 'Joyce' so we decided that we should rededicate her with her original name (re-Joyce!).

At the same time, we also wanted to pay homage to the two Sentinels that worked at Radstock from 1928 until ~1960. In their LMS period from about 1930 until 1948, they were painted black and numbered 7190 and 7191. 'LMS 7109' kept the same idea whilst also keeping the 7109 works number. So Sentinel 7109 now carries the Croydon and Radstock identities in her new guise.
Paul's cab ride out towards Chilcompton (Photo Bob Edwardes)
Midsomer Norton's wonderful signal box with Joyce posing in front (Photo Callum Willcox)
Despite Joyce's diminutive size, she is a lot more powerful than she looks. Draw-bar capability is 19,600 lbs according to Sentinel's marketing literature.
Joyce eases up the hill dwarfed by 70 tons of carriage & brake van (Photo Callum Willcox)
I'm indebted to Callum Willcox for shooting and composing an excellent video recording the day's events. It can be seen on YouTube by clicking here. Don't miss it.
Sentinel 7109 as LMS 7109 - Joyce
Needless to say, a great day was had by all - particularly Joyce!

Next day, the S&D's 08 diesel shunter was detached and 'Joyce' hauled the four afternoon trains...

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