Sunday, 28 April 2013

Boiler Fittings (7)

Following previous articles on the boiler fittings, here's some photogenic progress:
RHS Gauge Glass Valves & Protector
In an attempt to check that the gauge glass valves and protector fitted correctly, I placed them on the right hand boiler location.

I'm glad to say that they fitted perfectly although the boiler studs will need shortening so the nuts don't foul the valve mechanism.

Sentinel 7109's gauge glass valves are different to ones that can be bought off the shelf today. As a result, off the shelf protectors wouldn't fit without being modified.

Whilst visiting family in Wakefield, I made a trip to Chanter Biomed Ltd in Bradford, Yorkshire, seemingly the only company to be still making these fittings in the UK.

On being able to handle the Sentinel valves, CB were able to turn out a special pair of made-to-measure protectors overnight. I was really pleased as this meant they were bought, made and collected within 24 hours. It's a pleasure to receive that kind of service so CB are definitely on my list of preferred suppliers for the future!

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