Monday, 4 January 2016

Implementing 'A Little Arithmetic'

In a recent Sentinel 7109 article, I did some 'arithmetic' to enable a new boiler blow-down valve to be fitted. The result was this elongated heavy duty hex nipple pipe fitting made by Justin Goold.
Elongated Hex Nipple
The photo below shows that it has provided the solution required and is a good, strong fit to support the substantial high-spec blow-down valve.
The Valve is firmly screwed into the wash-out plug-hole
Another view shows valve handle in its closed position. An extension handle like those used to turn-off your household water supply in the street will be useful here.
The handle is reached from the off-side
preferably with a long reach extension
Down-stream of the valve, the pipe fittings are galvanised malleable iron as there is no longer the boiler pressure to withstand.
Not a good place to be when the valve is opened!
Another hole in the boiler plugged!

Important Note: The boiler has four washout plug holes at 90 degree intervals. For washout purposes, only the three actual plugs should be used. Only under extreme circumstances should this valve and its hex fitting be removed. The result would be that it will not be able to be tight and in the correct orientation after refitting due to wear on the threads when it was tightened up previously. Thus, it has to be a fit once and leave well alone item.

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