Monday, 21 December 2015

Boiler Feed Plumbing

On the shortest day of December 2015, Sentinel 7109 received another milestone of reassembly.
Twin Check Valve unit with single check valve to the right
The pipework connecting the two engine-mounted water pumps to the boiler's twin check valve was completed. The single check valve used with the cab mounted pump is in the shade to the right. (A check valve allows the water to only flow in one direction. Hence, water can be put into the boiler without it coming straight out again!).

The twin valve takes water from each pump but allows it to be recirculated to the water tank if not needed by operating the red handles. This is important because the engine pumps are always working when the loco is moving.

I'm really pleased with this pipework as it is original but was not fitted when the loco arrived at Midsomer Norton in 2004.

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