Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pipes Up

Following on from the last pipework article, here's a couple of photos to illustrate the somewhat awkward item of pipework which Mendip Steam Restorations are going to re-fabricate for Sentinel 7109.
Round the bend (1)
As well as needing to have the shape exactly right, the fittings at each end have to be correctly orientated. It won't be an easy task. It seems that Sentinel were very keen on rigid rather than flexible pipework; hence accuracy is required on both counts.
Round the bend (2)
I've also been adding to the exhaust pipework which now rises between the cab front and the boiler itself. This is the first time these pipes have been attached since 7109 arrived in December 2004.
Onwards & Upwards through a hole in the cab floor
Upwards to the boiler top between the cab front and boiler
The boiler top is starting to look populated!
At the boiler top
Now that components are being fitted that have never been attached to 7109 since its arrival at Midsomer Norton, it definitely feels like we're entering the home straight towards steaming.

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