Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pipe Further Back

In the previous article about pipework, I left things in suspense regarding the steam pipe that has to circumnavigate the boiler. This is the one which needs to be replaced as it is badly pitted by corrosion. (More suspense later).

Before vandalising the old pipe, it seemed like a good de-risking exercise to temporarily try it in place as originally it arrived separated from the loco back in 2004.
Pipe curving down from the regulator
This photo is somewhat clearer than the only previous one I had.

The pipe passes to the right of the boiler and out through a gap left for it towards the front of the cab...
Out through there!
... and thence to the rest of the steam pipe below.
To here, between the lower boiler and cab front
These photos show the corrosion on the pipe's outer surface. Oddly, the corrosion looks as if it was due to water being retained in the external pipe insulation rather than from inside as might be expected.
Below the water tank
The 5th, 7th and 8th April also saw the front two sections of the exhaust pipes fitted.
A suspense picture!
Remember Remote Control 1927 Style?
Now the engine bay is looking more like spaghetti junction with the pipework back in place!
Not an easy workspace!
There's still a lot to do but it does seem like a lot of progress is being made at the moment (let's hope the rain keeps away!).

Many thanks to the kind gentleman who made a healthy donation to the restoration recently. Much appreciated.

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