Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sentinel Conversion Loco (and no clothes!) (4)

Mike Hart has sent some more photos about his progress restoring Gervase at Elsecar Heritage Railway.

Mike comments (28th Feb. 2013): "Today we shunted Gervase out of the shed at Great Central Railway so it could go on the pit to be weighed and have its springs adjusted. We will leave Gervase with her clothes off for ease of access and any final adjustments when we steam her up for test running. Nearly there - at last!"

These photos were taken outside Locomotive Maintenance Services at The Great Central Railway, Loughborough. Earlier photos (2), Earlier photos (1).
Front view showing vacuum brake and steam heating fittings
Off-side front
Near side showing mechanical lubricator mechanism
Compare with earlier view
Single Chain drive and gear-case
This is very different to 7109's dual chains and twin gear-cases
Off-side rear
Now how about a signal red under-belly for 7109?

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