Monday, 25 February 2013

Boiler Fittings (4)

A before and after pair of photos of the regulator sub-assembly:
Is it new or does it just look new?
Or how about a nice authentic aged look?
Which do you prefer? Sometimes authenticity is not the best way!


  1. It will get dirty enough once you fire the engine up. That rust looks is more suitable for an engine that needs restoration rather than one lovingly cared for by a driver and fireman.

    1. The rusty one was the condition of the regulator in 2004 through being unrestored for 50 or more years! Thanks for the comment Phil.

  2. I wouldn't like to have to use that hand-wheel - guaranteed burned fingers! The designer ought to be taken out and shot.

    1. Bearing in mind the 1927 construction date, 'shooting' the designer is unlikely to have any effect on the person concerned! Safety practices in those days were far from what are demanded today. 7109 was the first of this type of loco and methods did evolve with time.
      The hand-wheel is used for isolating the steam brake control system which has another valve used normally for operating the steam brake. Hence it is rarely required to be operated.
      The picture makes access look more difficult than it actually is; the surface of the boiler will be relatively cool as it is well insulated. Burned fingers are therefore unlikely. Despite that, I still prefer the idea of gloves where there is heat about!


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