Monday, 18 March 2013

Built like a Tank

I mentioned needing to de-scale Sentinel 7109's water tank in an earlier article.

The water tank is the large four-inch thick cast iron object between the cab/boiler and engines.
Central 600 gallon water tank
In 2004 just after 7109 arrived at Midsomer Norton Station, I poked my camera into the tank to see what it would be like.
Bottom of Tank in 2004 (Loco front to the right)
I used a domestic vacuum cleaner with a very long tube to lift most of the scale and rust deposits from the bottom leaving it a lot clearer but with plenty of scale still sticking to the tank walls.

After considering a colossal amount of Kilrock-K, I resolved that the simplest and cheapest way to remove the loose scale was to use a pressure washer. The results are pictured below (taken some time after the spray should have subsided).
Lots cleaner
Despite having waited for the spray to subside, the next picture shows a strange, persistent and welcome phenomenon.
Where has all that steam come from?
It really wouldn't go away.
Perhaps Joyce is starting to realise she's coming back to life and making her own contribution?

It could be a sneer at the photographer from above!
Off subject but I noticed an unexpected reflection
before the tank dried out!
Cleaning out the tank has been holding me back from fitting the water valves to the left hand side.


  1. will we see 7109 posing as a radstock sentinel or the next/last one in number order ever?

    1. Hi Gareth. Have a look at my page on '7109 Restoration'
      It should answer your question. I wrote it some time ago and haven't reconsidered the point since.


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