Sunday, 10 March 2013

Boiler Fittings (6)

At the end of my last article on the boiler fittings, I was left having to think a while as to how to make the superheater actually fit its fittings.

I realised that the boiler top-plate and four superheater rings were all tightly fixed together by their mountings. As a result, I was having to cajole each ring against the wishes of the rest of the rings.

By loosening the fixings, each ring could be adjusted independently of the others and of the boiler top-plate leaving much more slack to play with.

So after some careful height adjustment with the sky-hook, here's the result.
Regulator and superheater connection (1)
Regulator and superheater connection (2)
Not obvious in these photos is the use of 2mm thick annealed copper washers to seal the mating faces of the superheater joints.
Steam feed manifold (1)
Steam feed manifold (2)
Steam feed manifold (3)
My apologies for the poorer quality of these photos, I forgot my usual Canon Powershot S95 and had to resort to a mobile phone!

If you are still wondering about the skyhook, click here!

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