Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sentinel 8805 Update (2)

I visited the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition on 19th October 2012. Norman Smedley had Emailed me to say he was exhibiting his completed 7.25 inch gauge model of the unique Doble Sentinel shunter. I've described the model before in a previous article so here are some pictures of the completed item. Click pictures to enlarge.
Interesting coal-bunker feature in the cab!
Well done to Norman for producing such a superb, rare model of this Sentinel locomotive. A model to be proud of.


  1. Can you give us any technical details of LMS 7192? I believe it had a coal-fired flash boiler, a compound engine and a condenser. Is this correct? Rex.

    1. Hi Rex, good to hear from you again.
      In 'The Sentinel' 1930-1980, Tony Thomas of the Sentinel Drivers' Club and his father Joseph included some technical details of 7192.
      It had two standard, twin-cylinder, compound engines working at a pressure of 1500psi and producing 150HP each.
      An oil-fired steam generator was used with a maximum output of 2100 lbs per hour (slightly less than the boiler used in waggons and 100HP locos but at considerably higher pressure).
      A large condenser was fitted on either side looking like a vehicle radiator grill.
      7192 was the only one built of its type and it was scrapped in 1943.
      Sadly, although it performed very well, it needed specially-trained mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineers to maintain it.
      There is more in Tony's book which I strongly recommend. See http://www.woodpeckerpublications.co.uk/volume%202.html for more details.

  2. Thanks Andy. There is a discussion about this loco on Steam Tech http://groups.yahoo.com/group/steam_tech/ just now. Rex.


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