Monday, 16 April 2012

Superheater Assembly Installed in Boiler

Sunday 15th April 2012 saw Sentinel 7109's superheater and boiler top-plate assembly lifted down through the cab roof and installed in its place on top of the boiler.

Before installing the assembly, a ring of ceramic rope padding was put in place where the edge of the top plate would be seated. This is to provide a seal so that when the engines 'chuff' and create a vacuum over the fire, air is drawn up through the fire instead of through the gaps at the top of the boiler.

(There is more to be figured out here due to the large gaps around the superheater piping where it passes into and out of the top plate).

White ceramic 'Rope' placed around the edge
The assembly was lowered in place and lined up front to back with the boiler's wet-steam outlet and regulator valve assembly. (Hopefully we got it the right way round!).
'Derek' taking the strain with assistance from Glyn (Photo R Williams)
(Who's the onlooker in the rather fetching orange hat?)
Down a bit (Photo R Williams)
(Who's doing the in-cab lifting?)
A Meerkat cab-roof hand signal! (Photo R Williams)
And the task was completed.
Finally at home in the boiler top
So another major milestone has been achieved after many months of preparation!

Many thanks to all who helped in the process (Trevor, Phil, Glyn, Jeff and others who I may not have spotted).


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