Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How to make an ashpan (2)

In the previous article, I documented some design decisions and was able to purchase the required metal sheeting. This article looks at the marking out and cutting to shape of the base plate.

I first painted the baseplate with white emulsion so that I could see my own markings. Then I had the challenge to draw a circle of 17.75" radius. Pairs of compasses simply don't come that big in my house!

17.75" Radius pair of compasses
A couple of screws 17.75" apart in a piece of dowelling did the trick. Diagonal lines from corner to corner found the centre of the sheet.
17.75" radius circle
(and that's why I painted it white!)
The flap was easiest to mark towards one corner using lines at right angles from the marked diagonal.

And then all that was needed was to cut it out!

I dismissed gas-torch cutting; it is quick and exotic but needs a template making beforehand to guide the torch and leaves rough edges which need a lot of tidying up with a grinder.

The only other method left to me was to use a jigsaw with hack-saw type metal cutting blades. In actual fact, I'm glad I chose this as it is surprisingly accurate (to about 0.5mm, and yes I can do metric when I choose!) and doesn't require other tools to be made beforehand and little cleaning up after the cutting.

Cut that out!
This is when I discovered my hair had gone grey!

Whilst the jigsaw proved accurate, fast is not a word I would use to describe it! (Also on YouTube).

Can you see any progress in 30 seconds?

It took most of a day to complete the cutting (but it was accurate!).

Nearly there,only the flap's cut-out to do
If the above photo looks a bit wobbly, try holding a camera still after a day of being jiggen by a shake-saw!

To be continued!

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