Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sentinel 7109 - A 28-ton Mistress?

I'm told (honest) that a mistress can take a lot of time, money and attention to keep happy. "Joyce" (Sentinel 7109) is certainly expertly fulfilling this role!

This week, 'blogging the restoration of Sentinel 7109 led me to a whole new aspect of the restoration that I had not really thought much about before.

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Nigel, co-owner of 7109, kindly volunteered me to give a talk to the 82D Model Engineering Society group in the Wiltshire town of Warminster. About 20 knowledgeable members attended the evening and, judging from conversations afterwards, seemed to have enjoyed the event.

Simon Bowditch, chairman, thanked me and commented that it was the most detailed description of the workings of a Sentinel locomotive that he had ever come across.

My content included 7109's history and reasons for being at Midsomer Norton; details of the Sentinel boiler, superheater, chimneys, engines, feedpumps and chains plus additional material on other Sentinels and models. I interspersed a few video clips to provide variety from the pictures only. I also passed around some supplementary pictures and texts and brought a few of Joyce's renovated components for interest sake. The talk lasted about 1 hour 20 minutes including discussions on the way arising from audience questions.

So, having done it once, I have the basis to tailor the talk for other societies should they be interested. Please leave a comment with a phone contact number below if you would like to invite me to give a repeat performance.

Many thanks to the 82D society for inviting me.

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