Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

So what has this to do with Sentinel 7109, I hear you ask! Well not an immediately obvious lot except that on my travels to Washington State USA in July 2011, I landed almost accidentally on the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. Not expecting too much to begin with, I was pleased to be cordially invited to visit the 'shops' and see the steam locos not in use at the time.

I was stunned to be presented there with a Heisler, a Climax and a Willamette - all in working order. A Shay under restoration was also there in the shed.

On returning home, the photos I'd taken in the 'shops'' shed (yes, the apostrophes are correct; a quote of a genitive plural!) were far from as good as I'd hoped. However, here are some of the best ones.

Willamette 34
Not a Shay
The less mechanical side
Leading drive-train
Trailing and tender drive-train
And finally, the Climax!
Having had a good look around the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad website, I can't come close to their pictures. Try these:

Heisler, Climax, Willamette (On the right).

Have a look around the Gallery; it's a superb collection of photos of Steam Logging locos.

Meanwhile, Sentinel 7109's whistle has featured prominently during its refurbishment. Strange noises from my garage have kept the neighbours bemused for hours (well, minutes anyway). So if Midsomer Norton station can manage to replace its missing Silver Street bridge with a level crossing, how about if we upgrade 7109's whistle and blow it like this to frighten the traffic away! (Also on YouTube)

Whistling in the USA!
The culprit in the video: July 29th 2011,
MRSR's newly restored Baldwin 2-8-2 Rod Locomotive
No 70, Polson Logging, near Elbe, Washington State, USA.
And after all that, there is a connection with Sentinel 7109 - it is also a gear driven locomotive!


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