Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Leading Engine's Boiler Feed Pump and Valve Regrind

Having said in the first episode that the leading and trailing engine-mounted pumps look the same, here's the leading one to compare with the trailing one.

Leading Engine's Feed Pump in situ
The regrinding process for improving the inlet and outlet valves was exactly the same as for the trailing engine's pump; these photos show the leading engine's pump valves' condition for comparison. Regrinding took place on Wednesday 10th August 2011.

Inlet Valve

Inlet valve on opening for view
Valve cap is intact
Deposits on valve...
...and on the seat...
...but flushed clean away after regrinding
I also decided to mill a slot across the top and regrind the valve cap as with the trailing engine's pump. Now it seats itself more positively and should perform better as a result.
Leading engine's pump valve cap cleaned, reground and in place
(11th Sept 2011)

Outlet Valve

Unlike the trailing engine's pump, there was no washer sitting on top of the valve. I don't know why this should be unless a botch was used on the trailing pump to reduce the maximum opening of the valve. Comments welcome.
Outlet valve and seat were fairly dirty on opening...
...but much improved after a good grind!

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