Friday, 24 June 2011

Sentinel 7109's Boiler ready for cladding

Final preparation of the boiler has been completed at Mendip Steam Restorations so that the cladding can be added to hold in the ceramic insulating material.
'Lip' Highlighted
Around the lower edge of the wide upper section is a 'lip' which both supports the lagging and enables the cladding sheets to be attached with pop-rivets. This is how it was done previously however many of the remains of the rivets were still blocking the holes. These needed to be drilled out in preparation to fit the new rivets and cladding.
Drilling for drainage
Water had been prone to collecting in the 'lip' and promoting rust and required some holes to be drilled in the lip to improve drainage.

I enjoy visiting Mendip Steam Restorations as there is always something interesting happening and a friendly welcome (possibly influenced by the packet of chocolate digestives I took along!). Currently, three traction engine boilers are being worked on as shown. I hope to do an extensive article on MSR in the future.
MSR (1)
MSR (2)
MSR (3)
Until work began on Sentinel 7109, I'd been completely unaware that this type of industry still existed in the UK; however, I really am pleased to find that it does and what a wonderful and skilful bunch of guys these people are!

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