Monday, 13 June 2011

Sentinel 7109's Boiler Cladding

The current broad target is to prepare the boiler for reinstatement in Sentinel 7109. It involves bringing many things together so the boiler does not have to be removed again just to fit something in behind!

Sunday 12th June was heavy rain all day so some indoor activity was in order and painting the cladding sheets was a priority activity anyway.
7109's Boiler in cab (photo Mike Morant)
Looking at an early photo of 7109's boiler in place, light grey was chosen as the colour.
Inside view of RH cladding plate
The boiler cladding sheets are in two halves for the left and right hand sides. These had previously been derusted and primed in red oxide (if only grey had been used !).
In Chippenham's KM Farm Parts, I discovered Vapormatic Massey Ferguson metallic grey which looks pretty good when applied with a roller.
Inside view of LH cladding plate
Top pieces of cladding
And whoever designed the workshop conditions should be shot! However, the 2 inch chains make an excellent non-slip surface when the floor is wet (due to the leaks in the roof!).

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