Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sentinel 8805

In February 2011, I attended the Sentinel Drivers' Club AGM in Basingstoke. In conversation after the formalities, I met Norman Smedley who proclaimed that, in the boot of his car, he had a 7.25 inch gauge model of the unique LMS Sentinel-Doble shunter numbered 7192.

Not the normal car boot contents I thought (with raised eyebrows) and, at Norman's invitation, went to have a look.

Although 7109 is a 12 inch to the foot scale, I've long admired the amazing amount of time and effort that goes into model locos. This was another moment of admiration.

Car boot contents (1)
Car boot contents (2)
Amazing detail (and not just the boot catch!)
Right hand side
Norman sent me this photo recently of the model nearing completion and what a fantastic model it is! I'm very much looking forward to seeing it in action.
Nearing completion (June 2011)
The 'prototype' for Norman's model was the only true Doble loco built by Sentinel, works number 8805, and delivered to the LMS in 1933. It was driven by two 150 HP Doble engines, one for each axle, and had an oil-fired 1500psi boiler and condenser! Whilst it performed well, it was too complex to maintain and was withdrawn in 1943. (Norman's model will be battery powered!).
Sentinel 8805 (Photo Tony Thomas)
And again (Photo Tony Thomas)
As 7192 numerically follows Radstock's 7190 and 7191, this is the reason why 7109 will not carry the number 47192. See also 7109 Restoration.

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