Saturday, 23 February 2019

Frost Damage February 2019.

Sentinel 7109 was surprised by a sudden frost in early February 2019 and suffered some damage to the pipework feeding the cab's boiler feed pump.

In June 2013, I wrote extensively about the construction of an elaborate plug valve with a hidden secret. It was originally fitted in 1928 so was a historical gem.
Plug valve in water feed line.
However, after the frost, I found it looking rather sorry for itself.
Split top bit
On taking it apart, I realised that it was beyond repair as the internal plug itself had split into two pieces.
Split plug
It's a shame to lose an original part in this way but it was also an opportunity. I suspect the 1928 construction had perhaps been done in a hurry; Joyce was a prototype after all. Where the pipe came from the tank to the 'T' piece, a strainer was hidden across the top of the 'T'. The valve was downstream of the strainer.
There was a disadvantage with this in that to clear the strainer by removing the plug from the end of the 'T', the tank had to be emptied to avoid a personal irrigation. So the valve should have been upstream of the strainer!

I've resorted to modern parts to rebuild the valve and strainer with the disadvantage removed.
Ball valve and 'Y' strainer
The pressure on the ball valve is only the head of the water in the tank, about 6 feet max., so there are minimal requirements for it. The 'Y' strainer is now downstream of the valve and the strainer's cap (pointing downwards) can also be used to drain the water pipe for frost precautions as well as cleaning the strainer. With any luck, the new strainer will be less restrictive than the old one so the water pump should be more efficient.

I'll tidy up the appearance in due course [as below].
With a lick of paint...
...And some frost protection where the pipe can't be drained

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