Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Remote Control - 1927 Style in 2015

I began this small series three years ago here. With due regard to health and safety, I did not complete the construction as there would have been a trip wire to negotiate at the same time as squeezing into the right front corner of the cab where most of the vacuum braking and safety valve apparatus was being made resident. (I've lost count of the number of times I've had to breathe in very deeply to avoid impaling myself on the safety valves and vacuum gear).

The trip wire is now in place ready for the unwary (probably me on bad day!). There is a lot more to go in this corner and much not obvious in this photo.
Trip wire in place
Below the cab floor, the cable attaches to the exhaust condensate valve. (Also shown here is the new stainless steel braided (High-tech!) mechanical lubricator feed pipe to the regulator steam supply).
Underneath end of the remote control cable
The cable passes through the cab floor by the vacuum pipe.
Through the cab floor (1)
The two water feed pipes from the engine-mounted boiler feed pumps are showing - and still need to be linked to the boiler. The cable looks as if it will rub against the water pipe. Some care will be needed here.
Through the cab floor (2)
From a different angle:
Through the cab floor (3)
Looking at the photos in the earlier article, it brings home just how much has been done over those three years (and that the amount still to do is looking a lot more encouraging!)...

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