Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Working Under Pressure?

I've been fitting the boiler pressure gauge lately. It's red lined at 275psi and we have an original Sentinel type.

When I came to fit it, it seemed a good idea initially to adopt the alfresco approach as in the photo below.
Visitor-friendly alfresco pressure reading
One bright spark suggested that I ought to add wing mirrors so that the driver and fireman could also share the experience!

This leads me onto the point that the gauge does have to be visible by both driver and fireman so this mounting position is as good as it gets - so long as it's mounted on the inside!
Driver's eye view
OK, so some daftness has crept in here. In actual fact, it's more sensible than you might think. To drill and tap the M6 fixing holes through the cab front from the inside is not easy at all as the boiler is in the way. However, if one small hole is drilled through, the rest of the drilling and tapping can be done much more easily from the outside.
Fireman's eye view
Bearing in mind that there is a top cover to add height to the boiler, the gauge is still visible from both sides of the cab.

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