Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Keeping the Heat In (A Cover-Up!) (2)

Monday 26th Jan. 2015 saw the first attempt at fitting the boiler top cover to the chimney assembly. An earlier article showed what the cover was like before work began on it.
Start of the Boiler Top Cover assembly
There is a rim around the base of the chimney heat shields that supports the centre of the top cover. The cover will then also be supported by six tall spacers sitting on the extended studs protruding from the boiler fixings (there's one just to the left of the LHS superheater tube in the foreground).
Space getting tighter
Having examined the boiler of the only other double engined Sentinel (9622) in the UK, I'm expecting the spacers to be 6.25". However, this is far from the case; they are sitting much higher and the LHS and RHS halves of the cover are not fitting very comfortably.

Some further investigation is needed.

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