Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Camshaft Surface Finish (2)

In a May 2013 article, I was concerned about how best to remove some corrosion from the surface of one of Sentinel 7109's rear engine camshafts. Holding a file to the surface while turning the engine and camshaft using compressed air seemed a good idea at the time but it became no longer practical after the steam feed pipework had been reconnected.

So I decided, that a strip of emery paper pulled back and forth around the camshaft would have to do.

This is the before picture:
Before abrading
This is the after picture:
After abrading
And with a good slopping of crankcase oil:
Ready to go
Meanwhile, I discovered a strange phenomenon in the front engine's cam-finger chamber.
Strange glow or what?
It took me a while to figure out that the lurid green-ness was the new oil dribbling through from the cam-shift shaft oil chamber into the old oil.

Clearly visible is the word 'STEAM' stamped on the end of the camshaft. This differentiates it from the exhaust camshaft on the other side of the engine. It also looks as if there may be a manufacturing date of some time in April 1946. I had previously not been aware that the camshafts had ever been replaced.

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