Friday, 14 June 2013

Recreating an old Photo

I've had this photo for some time and have used it to examine small details of the cab and the Boiler Feed Pump peering from the cab side window.
1933 (Photo - Tony Thomas collection)
Here it is again but this time in June 2013. It was difficult to get the same angle but it's not far off (and I really should have hidden the display panel and put the covers on!).
I've used this cropped-from-the-top photo before to show the pump itself.
1933 BFP Close-up
Send me a comment if you can identify the BFP type shown above. Out of curiosity I'd be interested to know the type (but am unlikely to try to find one - a task lodged firmly in the too difficult pile!).

Here's the new BFP in place. A Worthington Simpson type was specified for a later Sentinel double-engined loco so that's what it will have to be.
2013 BFP Close-up

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