Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pulley - the other one!

In a previous article about 1927 style remote control, I said I would have to remake a pulley and bracket to route the cable used for remotely opening the exhaust pipes' drain valve.

So here it is:
Weld-joined angle iron pieces
The pin on which the pulley turns is M6 threaded at one end. It passes through the clearance hole on the right and screws into a threaded hole on the left. There is a lock-nut on the outside.
Pulley ends, not bookends!
A simple task? Well, only welding, grinding, lathe-work (yes, the pulley was too wide at first!), thread cutting, thread tapping and drilling were required.

Is this over-engineered? No comment (but it will certainly be strong enough!) and I did enjoy making it!

And it fits! See - and finally.

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