Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Boiler Fittings (3)

Having struggled with radially diverging screws for the steam feed manifold at the front of the boiler, many of the others have proved much easier.
Double flanged adapter for the safety valves
(This was the first gasket I made - I did improve later!)
Single Clack (non-return) valve for the cab's boiler feed pump
Double Clack (non-return) valve for the two engine-mounted boiler feed pumps
And, after about four attempts, the steam feed manifold!
The steam feed manifold (1)
This has been an educational exercise in screw-bending and grinding, drilling and filing fixing holes to fit and grinding the steam aperture in the manifold casting; not forgetting the removal of some solidified graphite grease getting in the way!
The steam feed manifold (2)
The next item to be fitted is the regulator valve assembly on the rear of the boiler. Hopefully it will then be possible to lower the superheater back into place on the regulator valve assembly and steam feed manifold. Looking at the above picture, the superheater pipes don't look too well aligned. Hmm, problems ahead.

And more gaskets to make!

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