Monday, 21 January 2013

Cab Windows 'Radstock Style'

After 2012's so-called summer and the recent snow, I've been getting rather depressed about the amount of water lying around the cab every time I visit Sentinel 7109 for a site work-day. So I turned to a Radstock Sentinel style makeover to solve the problem.
Normality to date - Air-vent style 'Spectacle' Windows
(Refer to the heading photo if the window is not clear here!)
I've had no response to my plea for replacement windows so until now, fresh air and the ingress of the elements has been the rule of the day. After a little lateral (or perhaps vertical?) thinking, I decided that the windows would have to be square after all - just like the Radstock Sentinels. So here they are:
Cab Front view
Cab Rear View
However, for those of you who know me, you may recall that I've said that, as a principle, I would never do this as it would spoil a piece of industrial archaeology such that Sentinel 7109 would neither be itself nor a Radstock Sentinel.
So have I flipped? No, not this time.
Fire-glow from the window
The silhouetted spectacle opening still shows behind the gaffer-tape framed polythene sheet window squares. Cheap and cheerful!

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