Monday, 3 December 2012

How to complete an Ashpan (7)!

In the previous Ashpan article, I'd managed to tack-weld the fixing brackets into place in preparation for adding reinforcement webs.

So here are the reinforcing webs:
More life-like than expected!
The eye-sockets are to help lifting it into place (with rope).
Magnetic clamp for holding the web in place for welding
Each web had to be ground to shape to fit the brackets. This was no surprise bearing in mind how they had been tack-welded in position.
Welding complete - I doubt if they will fall off in a hurry!
And finally:
In black...
...with a bit missed in the eye-socket.
(Nobody's perfect!)
I wonder if the ashpan will actually fit? (Because these brackets are staying where they are, come what may!).

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