Thursday, 9 August 2012

Preventing a draught (2)

Monday 6th August 2012 witnessed the Olympian task of refitting Sentinel 7109's fire hole door.
Fire hole door fitted and latched closed
The door is supported by a rod which passes through two purpose designed brackets, each attached to the boiler by a pair of 5/8" BSW studs and nuts.
Left hand bracket, one of the two for supporting the door
In the picture above, there is a row of downward facing closed nuts used to hold the boiler together. Of course, these are neatly provided to get in the way of putting the brackets over their mounting studs!

With the nuts in the way, there's not a lot of space to swing an angle grinder; however, this seemed a better option than potentially breaking the hydraulically-tested boiler seal by removing a nut or two. The upper stud for each bracket was thus shortened to allow the brackets to be fitted and a nut to be squeezed in.
Fire hole door open.
Tab for latching the door closed is in the lower right.
The door latches shut by the protruding bar on its right sitting on the highlighted tab in the lower right of the photo above.
It is held open by the rather lethal looking hook at the top left of the photo. (It's not really that big; it was just a lot closer to the camera!).

The short spigot protruding from the protruding bar is to attach a chain to lift the door open from its closed position - at least I think that's what it's for! It probably is because the door is mainly Aluminium and quite light in weight.

Thoughts anyone?

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