Monday, 25 June 2012

Superheater Inlet Manifold (No Leek here (yet)!)

With the arrival of the specialised nuts, screws, washers and bolts etc., I've been able to start preparing some of the sub-assemblies for fitting.

This one is the superheater's steam inlet manifold which sits at the top front of the boiler. It takes the single boiler outlet and splits it into four for connecting to the four superheater 'rings'.

Superheater Inlet Manifold Top View (1)
The new engineering studs are a little on the long side but to no avail. They are made from EN8 which is an unalloyed medium carbon steel with good tensile strength and satisfactory for attaching a steam fitting (as you will know from a previous article on the subject!).
Superheater Inlet Manifold Top View (2)
There are two narrow-bore steam outlets, one at each side of the manifold. One of these will be used to supply the pressure gauge; the other to feed the whistle valve.

Looking from below (or it will be below when eventually mounted on the boiler), there is a spare steam outlet which has not previously been used and has merely been blanked off as in the second picture below.

Bottom View showing spare steam outlet
Bottom View - spare steam outlet closed up
This spare boiler outlet will be ideal for supplying a vacuum braking ejector!

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