Sunday, 27 May 2012

WWII Blackout

Midsomer Norton Station has been steadily amassing exhibits of World War II artefacts and re-creations in addition to its many historical attractions; Sentinel 7109 couldn't wait to get involved.
A rare unobscured view of 7109's near side
In the above view of 7109, light is no longer showing from inside the cab; the blue hue has been hidden from view.
What? No boiler (again)?
The boiler has been made invisible and, in the photo below, trees are now reflected in the cab side black-out panels.
Could do with a good clean up too!
It's taken quite a while to produce these black-out panels; they've taken up a lot of room in my garage and are the main reason for reduced 'blog output of late. Normal service should be resumed shortly!

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