Monday, 7 May 2012

Wrong Trousers Appeal?

For impact's sake, I couldn't resist a little mischievous colour manipulation for this posting. The item pictured below is normally found the other way up and in red but I thought it had a certain Wallace & Gromit appeal as shown.
Eat your heart out Wallace!
What about a new pair of hot-pants?
More seriously, I'm appealing to owners of Sentinel locos with the 100HP boiler to join the numbers requiring a new Funnel Base.

Sentinel 7109 uses a pair of these double chimney units mounted above the boiler inside an outer shield. One of 7109's Funnel Bases is in a poor state and needs renewal; the other has seen better days but will be serviceable for a few years yet (but it's not much use on its own!).

Twin double chimneys and outer shields
The 100HP locos with the '25% larger than standard' boilers have a single double chimney unit of this type. (Sentinel waggons have a rather different type with a longer 'bell-bottomed' profile).

Richard Nixon, Sentinel Drivers' Club Drawings' Officer, is 'in the throes of' arranging for patterns to be made for new Funnel Bases to be cast. The more required, the wider the spread of the pattern costs even if rather earlier than planned.

So, if you are reaching the stage where your funnel base will soon need replacing, please contact Richard whose Email address can be found by clicking here.

To check if this is the type that you have, a drawing of the funnel base is shown below although a better resolution version may be required from Richard. (Click the drawing to enlarge it).

Funnel Base Drawing
(Drawing courtesy of the Sentinel Drivers' Club)
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