Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Which Browser?

Good question!

As Sentinel 7109's 'blog author, I'm able to see various statistics relating to how Sentinel7109.blogspot.com is found via the internet, the country readers are based in and which browsers are being used (and quite a lot more).

By far (on 27th March 2012), Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser for this 'blog, then Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and a few other contenders.

Stats Extract 27th March 2012
I do all my 'blog writing using Chrome with an occasional check to see that it's working properly on Internet Explorer. I've never looked at it with Firefox or Safari but did try briefly with Opera.

I was an early convert to Chrome and found it speeded-up page loading and transitions quite dramatically. Microsoft then released IE9 which uses graphics processing on PCs where it can to speed things up. Despite this, IE9 seems to me to be simply 'clunky' compared to Chrome; I'm find it keeps me waiting and wondering which bit will appear next and where on the screen.

I guess this is not too complementary to IE9 but it's my observation. So if you want to enjoy Sentinel 7109's adventures more smoothly, have a go with Chrome which is downloadable from http://www.google.co.uk/chrome.

My brief use of Opera was also very encouraging although Vista crashed on me and, after a Windows restore, I never saw Opera again! I haven't tried Firefox or Safari (I'm trying not to over-fill my Laptop with junk!). I now also use Windows 7 (64 bit).

In case you might be wondering if I have any connection to Google or Chrome - absolutely none whatsoever! I'm just wanting to make my 'blog more pleasant to use and Chrome works well for me.

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